How are you?
Don�t get me wrong
The right answer is:
�I�m good, thanks!�

Say it convincingly
Ensure your mask fits like a glove
You must smile with your eyes
Otherwise they will see behind your mask

A mask for each occasion
A similar theme for all
Friendly, excited and happy
No place for frowns or tears

Your act must be convincing
Your body language should match
Match your words
If you don�t want to be revealed

An outfit with each mask
Bright colours for blue days
Formal for days when confidence wears thin
Old favourites when strength runs low

You can�t fool good friends
They see through your masquerade
See your pain and fatigue
They know when to pray

You don�t have to pretend with Him
He is strong when I�m weak
No masquerade required
The Maker of heaven and earth is my strength

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