How are you?
Don’t get me wrong
The right answer is:
“I’m good, thanks!”

Say it convincingly
Ensure your mask fits like a glove
You must smile with your eyes
Otherwise they will see behind your mask

A mask for each occasion
A similar theme for all
Friendly, excited and happy
No place for frowns or tears

Your act must be convincing
Your body language should match
Match your words
If you don’t want to be revealed

An outfit with each mask
Bright colours for blue days
Formal for days when confidence wears thin
Old favourites when strength runs low

You can’t fool good friends
They see through your masquerade
See your pain and fatigue
They know when to pray

You don’t have to pretend with Him
He is strong when I’m weak
No masquerade required
The Maker of heaven and earth is my strength

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