Society expects us to act in a certain manner
To fit into a prescribed box

Not too positive!

Negativity is also frowned upon!

I quote: “She is very negative.

Don’t get me wrong,
we all have our off days”

Be warned if you choose to swim up-stream!

They say laugh and the world laughs with you;

cry and you cry alone

This is very true;
how true, I realize only now.

But God is faithful
A friend once said I’m her angel who leaves human footprints

Now I realize, I’ve got many such angels in my life

Grace from Above!

They all have names and faces

Every one special in his or her own way

A voice that calms me
Hugs that fills me with strength

Technology also supports

Who would have thought?

Helps willingly to deliver encouraging SMSes

A beautiful card on my desk

Then there are prayers which I can’t see

But unlike society, these prayers carry me

He is with me when I pass through the rivers;
I will not be swept away

I’m swimming up-stream
The river is in flood

But angels and their prayers are my lifelines along the way
And I’ll laugh again one day! Hallelujah!

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