We use words very casually
“I am taking a day at a time”

I’m thinking: Shame, did someone upset you?

I’m not reading between the lines
I don’t hear the cries for help

My feelings are anaesthetized

Now, a day is too long!

Even an hour seems endless

“I’m taking a minute at a time”

We don’t want to look deeper
We suffer from selective hearing loss
We walk around with hearts of stone

The irony – even a minute is not short enough
A few seconds are enough and
my best intentions are ruined

Why don’t you want to see?

Don’t you hear me?

Why don’t you care?

Don’t worry about tomorrow

Tomorrow? You must be joking!

I’m battling to get through now

Does anyone see me?
Does someone hear my call?
Is there anybody that cares just a little?

Words GUARANTEED: In all our distress He too was distressed

He is with me, why should I be afraid?

Our time is in His hands.

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