My left shoulder is aching
Feels like a fist is squeezing my muscles

The back of my head bright with pain

Lightning shoots just above my right eye

In a little while the pain will burn down my arm
Like a volcano’s magma spilling over the edge
Keep still…it will get better again

Tomorrow, the sun will shine again

If only we could ban the stress
Get an injunction that prohibits contact

Muscular bodyguards that could protect you

High walls and thick burglar bars to keep it out

Painkillers used together with other remedies

Sleep flat on your back

Physio exercises for the stress
Relax, take a deep breath, happy thoughts

See, its displaced pain

Muscles in my back gone into spasm
Unhappy and frustrated

As if I inhale the stress?

It enters without my knowledge

Uninvited and unwelcome

Unpacks luggage and settles in
I have no defense

I realize too late

A splitting headache

Tears burn behind my eyes

I’m in the valley where there is no hope

Pull yourself together!

Don’t cry!

You can’t hide puffy eyes

Get up again…tomorrow, the sun shall shine again.

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