When people talk about cancer
They mostly refer to a Journey

It sounds unreal and distant
This will not happen to me!

Supporters are rarely mentioned
We don’t realize what it really takes
Not even a thought

It is only someone else’s unreal reality

Now it is my reality

I’m sure some will describe it as a Journey
For me it is definitely not a Journey;
rather a freak nightmare

Cancer touches more lives than you realize

Many lives are affected

Scars are drawn across supporters
Invisable but tangible

Tangible? Yes, but not with touch

With feeling – your heart feels

Your mind feels

I feel the pain in my left shoulder

Then there are good Samaritans

People that give a little of themselves

Generous and caring

Paliative Clinic and Hospice…

Angels that leave human footprints

Sent by God to cross our path
They help to lighten the load

Companions for our lonely path

The Lord is my shepherd

He cares for me
I’m never alone
He will not test me beyond my strength

All rigths reserved