In my most trying times
He miraculously kept me standing
Now I want to say to you
Even if you don’t see Him, He is with you

He will wipe your tears,

as promised in His word

When you can’t go on,
He will carry you

My prayer for you: no pain and anxiety
But I learnt my lesson,
the best prayer I can pray
Your will Lord, not mine!

I can’t explain it

Just know He will not let go of you for one moment

In the valley of the shadow of death
or on your heights

He commands His angels to lift you up in their hands

He has collected every tear you cried,
in all your trouble He was troubled
the cup has been taken

May you become aware of His eternal love

May He comfort and restore you
May He miraculously keep you standing
Until the day He comes to fetch us all.

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