My life is like a fairytale
There is a lot to be thankful for
I didn’t get Cinderella’s stepsisters
Poisoned apples are also not a problem
There is however a wolf, cancer, that is trying to blow my house down
But my house is built out of bricks

I am still waiting for my prince on his white horse
But family and friends love me
The best Dad and Mom in the world is mine
I’m blessed at work
Good bosses and colleagues that support me
A guardian angel that keeps me safe

People that know will probably wonder:
a fairytale?
Yes, with the good comes the bad
But evil never triumphs
The only difference in this fairytale:
I’m a King’s child!

The Creator is on my side
He defeated the devil
Angels protect me on His command
Those who bless me are blessed
Abundant life is promised
His grace is enough for me.

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