life is hard
without mercy

life demands a pound of flesh
without any understanding

I’ve worked half a lifetime
lessons were tough

where to start?
at the beginning then

in the beginning God created heaven and earth
then man threw it all away

every one does their best
this lesson wasn’t easy

set your boundaries
know where you stand

leave the past in the past
because it is finished, done

say No when required
even if it is difficult

once spoken, you can’t retract a word
words cut deep – never forget

COMFORT: the Lord is always there
Its good to choose His side

logic is relative
selfishness rather the heart valve

true love is rare
it can crush hatred around you

stress is like oxygen
you breathe it in until you explode

thank you is never too late
especially when it speaks to your heart

HOPE: my God is more than enough
I should stop my worrying

speak words of Life
forgive seventy times seven

you can never get back time
make every second count for you and me

take note of the bigger picture
don’t let the devil highjack your happiness

listen to the Comforter
nobody else knows better

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