worldwide people bore witness
how the world we once knew
was changed forever

black columns of smoke reached up to the heavens
scorching red fire tongues licked against the sides of the tower
official documents confetti in the sky

we were witnesses to a catastrophe
sound minds refused to believe
seeing then, isn't believing!

brave heroes walked towards their death
unaware that it would be their last day
up, up, up with the stairways, up

people desperately tried to escape through windows
but there was no exit from the heat and smoke
then a desperate leap, another one

it was a Tuesday, September 11 2001
just before 10 in the morning
when the first tower fell

then silence on the airwaves?
where voices were talking just moments ago
a nightmare? but we are all awake

everything engulfed in a dark, suffocating cloud
people ran in the streets, trying to escape
all painted in a neutral colour, equal

sound minds still refused to accept
but cruel reality... in your face
death and destruction

more brave heroes walked to their death
logic should have predicted, but...
there was always hope

tears of shock and unbelief
somewhere else shouts of joy?
somebody's father, mother, brother, sister, child... dead

just before half past ten - the second tower fell
smoke, dust and debris where the towers once stood
later just clear blue sky... nothing

again brave heroes marched in
medical personal waited in vain
a few survivors - in the end 2752 dead

the ripples still spreading
now, 8 years on we still feel and see it
somebody's father, mother, brother, sister, child... dead

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