what do you do when fear comes knocking
nothing, you do nothing, absolutely nothing
look the other way and hope the knocking stops

with teary eyes and a distressed heart
looking for a way out
in the end like wet wood in a fire

knock knock, knock knock
“open the door” says fear, just like wolf
if you open, there will be trouble

the feeling is overwhelming and your breathing labored
but nobody dies that easily
SOS: have mercy on us here in the dark
where only You can rescue us

I have to be strong, even though I'm finished
blindly following – unarmed
asking for Grace, undeserved, asking don’t knock

knock knock, knock knock
someone else knocking
a feast is promised if I have the courage

haven’t we been here before
or have I always been here
this dark, familiar and safe
I have to ostrich, the only way
I want to scream, no, not again

fear, you can come blowing like wolf
I’m keeping my eyes on the Way, the Truth and the LIFE
Thy will be done, underserved Grace
knock knock, knock knock

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