Are you like Martha or Mary?
Me... I do, I hurry and stress...
So I guess Martha then

Now I would like to become more like Mary
To be still and listen to His voice
Without all the hustle

Martha? Mary?
Each one special in her own right
But what Mary does, can't be taken from her

Are you like Martha or Mary?
Martha? Who cares?
Mary? Be still and listen to Him

How do you measure your worth?
Is it determined by what the world says?
Or is your worth founded in Jesus?

Mary, focused on the intangible
Somehow unwittingly knew what mattered
Not influenced by society and rules

Are you like Martha or Mary?
What really matters?
Wherein lies my eternal worth?

Martha? Mary?
Become silent
Listen to what He wants to say to you

He promises rest when you come to Him
What more do I need?
Rest, peace... then nothing will be just that, nothing!

All rights reserved

Inspired by a sermon of Johan Geyser - Verlange at Mosaïek