don’t follow the masses
dare to decide for yourself

stop your destruction
dare to build someone up

halt the aggression
dare to give someone a hug

cease your bullying
dare to inspire

prevent your discontent
dare to be grateful for what you have

fight against those times you feel like exploding
dare to walk on the road of peace

say enough! hate
dare a new future with our brothers

leave the wretched corpse next to the road
dare to forgive and move forward

forget every “I can’t”
dare to spread your wings and try

pause yourself for a little while
dare to just listen

wipe off your tears
dare to laugh more

remember to not be so hard on yourself
dare to love yourself

winning isn’t always everything
dare to take 2nd place

dare to live
dare for a better future

there are so many possibilities
rainbows that are waiting – I dare you!

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