In the beginning it feels as if u can't breathe Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. No air! This isn't right! You aren't sick. Your Dad is sick. Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. No air! As if oxygen, suddenly no long

CancerBrings a bag full of ugly:BullyWeaklingStrongerHelplessDenialSickerHeartlessBrokenCruelThinnerThiefShapelessLessScaredCan't breathe... air...My shoulders... agony...Oxygen!Leave me Satan!Words of LIFE:In all their distress He too was distr

You don't know what I'm going through!You're right Dad, I don't know!You don't know what I'm going through Dad;cancer has also left its mark on me.Be strong!Stay positive!What is that?An unfamiliar beyondYou are still he

Dad's pain...Morfine...It helps.My pain...There is no prescription...What will help?People don't understandI don't understandDad doesn't understandJesus understands.He drank the cup..."I'm the way, the truth and the LIFE"All

Mom, you are my angelI can laugh with youEven if I feel like cryingA little more patienceGive a little moreHelp again and againI'm weakI'm angryI'm... I don't knowMy angel, Mom!Just the right wordPerspectiveI will probably sti

When someone goes missing You can report it at the police station My Dad is missing Cancer has abducted him But there’s no police station for me Only emptiness Understand… Who really

Words of COMFORT: Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil… I’m in that valley But I’m not sick My Dad is sick His shadow of death is cancer M

Florence Nightingale A real angel! I’m not one… Not even an excuse for a nurse I would like to believe I could be But brutal reality prevents this Real Rigid Disillusioned I’m

How do you demonstrate love? By caring By taking care of Sacrifice Putting others first How do you demonstrate love? Some say love is not a feeling, its an action Be the least Friendliness

When did you come into my life? I don’t know you You were just there one day Moved in without anyone noticing You look like my Dad You sound like my Dad But my Dad is missing In his

he walks around like a roaring lion to destroy remember! he is defeated sows thoughts that torment to destroy remember! to rebuke him in Jesus name like a wolf in sheep’s clothes to destro

Some guests are unwelcome: cancer Others welcome: friends and family During our visits with friends and family there is a moment of escape Cancer is not fond of these visits with welcome

Want want want! Give give give! Need need need! More more more! Everybody wants something Get ready to give again Shock…my well is empty There is not a drop left Serenity…or is it?

Thank you a thousand times For all the tasty food; each cup of tea… made with love; breakfast in bed; each morning visit. Thank you a thousand times! For encouraging words; each hug; for

Slowly up, higher, sky-scraping Until you are on the peak Gradually forward, tipping slowly Then down, faster and faster Sometimes there is an inverted turn Or a steep precipice Even a s

Society expects us to act in a certain manner To fit into a prescribed box Not too positive! Negativity is also frowned upon! I quote: “She is very negative. Don’t get me wrong, we all hav

He hides in the shadows Waits for a chance Just so that you can fight for your life Bitter, bitterer, bitterest Bitter as gall Mara, Mara Be careful and vigilant Don’t give him an inch

We use words very casually “I am taking a day at a time” I’m thinking: Shame, did someone upset you? I’m not reading between the lines I don’t hear the cries for help My feelings are

I don’t understand A million questions in my head Where can I get the answers? Logic says no one knows. Why did this have to happen? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger? Strong? A

My left shoulder is aching Feels like a fist is squeezing my muscles The back of my head bright with pain Lightning shoots just above my right eye In a little while the pain will burn down my arm Like a volcano’s magma spilling over the e

A storm has erupted around me I ignored the warnings Blatantly looked the other way Now the signs scare me Bigger, stronger until officially, a Category 5 Too late I realize I should have evacuated B

A sudden tiredness has overpowered me It plucks on the strings of a full scale headache An oxygen shortage causes long yawns Klaas Vakie clearly got his times mixed up What do you do if your will becomes tired?

My life is like a fairytale There is a lot to be thankful for I didn’t get Cinderella’s stepsisters Poisoned apples are also not a problem There is however a wolf, cancer, that is trying to blow my house down But my house is built out of bri

When life deals me a bad hand He holds me in His arms Hugs me tightly against His chest His arms protectively around me In His arms Against His chest When I have no more air He becomes my breath He guards me throughout the night His

Every house has its own inner circle Special rules for outsiders God is good to me! I can't complain! I am a member of the inner circle No special rules for me I don't feel welcome anymore You are a disappointment Membership of th

When people talk about cancer They mostly refer to a Journey It sounds unreal and distant This will not happen to me! Supporters are rarely mentioned We don’t realize what it really takes Not even a thought It is only

How are you? Don’t get me wrong The right answer is: “I’m good, thanks!” Say it convincingly Ensure your mask fits like a glove You must smile with your eyes Otherwise they will see behind your mask A mask for each occasion A similar

Have you ever been there? At the end of the rope Not one centimeter left Like a bird in a cage Do you know how it feels at the end of the rope? Can’t imagine how you must feel But know this very well

I have always wondered Faith and your reality How do you marry the two? The Bible teaches Not to look at the waves But to keep your eyes on Jesus Then I heard the other day A revelation Let me tell y

Today someone asked: “What was my birthday wish?” I’m trying to think What should I say? Can’t remember a thing! Nothing… I didn’t have a birthday wish No wishes this year No candles blown out I’m taking the year off, maybe eve

In my most trying times He miraculously kept me standing Now I want to say to you Even if you don’t see Him, He is with you He will wipe your tears, as promised in His word When you can&rsqu

Death changes you Forever disparate I can’t go back Sometimes I feel like weeping Very purple But pausing isn’t an option The scars of death are invisible Yet apparent I can just move forward Its like I’m looking through foreign lenses