Poems about everyday life

has anyone told you? Jesus loves you He died for you, so that you might live have you heard? He went to prepare a place for you He is coming again to fetch you isn’t that wonderful? we are forgiven, blessed, healed, chosen, set fr

You say I am brave But I’m not brave I’m just a fool Rushing into places Where angels fear to tread No fear Or perhaps it’s not a lack of fear? Rather an abundance of foolishness? Walking blind

You remind me of Joseph Faithfull despite it all He was thrown into a well Sold into slavery Accused of something he didn’t do Jailed, whilst innocent But God honoured him Lifted him up again He had big plans for his future Used him to fee

SEPTEMBER 11 worldwide people bore witness how the world we once knew was changed forever black columns of smoke reached up to the heavens scorching red fire tongues licked against the sides of the tower official documents confetti in the s

In one moment I realized To be right Isn’t what it is cracked up to be Each person has their own truth We all see through different eyes Everyone feels with their own heart Sometimes it is better To park your truth You know and God knows G

Are you like Martha or Mary? Me... I do, I hurry and stress... So I guess Martha then Now I would like to become more like Mary To be still and listen to His voice Without all the hustle Martha? Mary? Each one special in her own right But

What do you believe in? Perhaps in karma or luck? What about our times are in His hands? The hairs on your head are numbered No one will remove you from His hands You are worth more than many sparrows Angels instructed to guard you An answer b

Jesus, thank you for my eyes, feet and hands For all your miraculous gifts Help me to appreciate each moment When I'm on my mountain or in my valley - because You are with me Thank you for family and friends For sunshine and rain, your cr

Do you sometimes taste tears on your lips? Your tears become your crutches Your heart, shattered Life is relentless Tears of shear joy or sorrow? What are you feeling? Let them flow freely Its like demolishing old buildings He knows of each t

Fifteen years on… And our miracle is not over Do you feel better yet? Not expecting the worst anymore? There is still a lot of room for improvement Don’t get me wrong Yes, each one a winner! No blood bath! Against every naysayer Not li

life is hard without mercy life demands a pound of flesh without any understanding I’ve worked half a lifetime lessons were tough where to start? at the beginning then in the beginning God created heaven and earth then man thre

Who really chooses to live like this? Living off another's crumbs Yet, the women in the Bible willing Then I will have to live much more Want more than just crumbs I'm not settling for less Prayer: Lord give me more than crumbs Liv

I spent today at the sircus one of the lead characters the clown now I’m waiting for Judas’ kiss always willing to share another joke will my performance make the cut? how do I end up here each time? you’ve just joined th

I’ve always been different never fitted into the group stood out each time I’m tired of different not to say that I want to fit in will try again a box to fit in, somewhere I don’t fit into shapes life hurts sometimes

impossible possible is possible for Him the mountain in front of me moved into the sea the storm around me calmed down, we are going to the other side the giants in my life defeated, by the Lamb the lions in the den their mouths shut Pharao

you were innocent had to die for another’s lust stoned to death your dad, husband, sons and neighbours may you forever rest with Him His love enough regardless of your last hours He died for you, innocent a chance for hope and rest

why must I? I have to there is no one else so I have to I don’t want to really not nobody wants to so I have to prayer, Lord give me strength for every “I have to” All rights reserved

its time for a change doubt sets in I pray for guidance then “Lazarus come out” I feel like Lazarus Jesus is speaking to me I’m in the grave, dead its time for renewal say goodbye to the old is this right for me? then &l

I should write but I must avoid the pen shouldn’t venture into places from where I might never return its difficult to hear you aren’t enough even harder to face so I avoid it like the plague my pain a mess on paper His Grac

what do you do when fear comes knocking nothing, you do nothing, absolutely nothing look the other way and hope the knocking stops with teary eyes and a distressed heart looking for a way out in the end like wet wood in a fire knock knock,

don’t follow the masses dare to decide for yourself stop your destruction dare to build someone up halt the aggression dare to give someone a hug cease your bullying dare to inspire prevent your discontent dare to be grateful f

despite all my flaws I am special Jesus loves me no matter what His Grace is enough It covers all because He loves me no matter what All rights reserved

the rainbow symbolizes an agreement a promise for tomorrow red for love warmth that feeds the soul orange for hope trust and support for each other yellow for friendship your best friend makes every day better green for growth growing togeth